My Journey

Pretty simple really,  I am writing about me and only my experiences – good and the bad.  What has shaped me and what has held me back.  I want to help others with the same issues that I have both mental and physical.  I have battled the bulge – my heaviest weight was over 350# and still can’t believe it, how I have lost 188 lbs then gained some and lost some.  How I do love food; cook, bake, eating.  I am a wife, mother to a beautiful daughter, love my two twin fur babies – I call them the Doberman gang.  Couldn’t be who I am without the unconditional support of my husband.  This blog will give you my rules to what I struggle and dream on doing everyday, I have too many rules in my life, that is why I am able to multitask.. LOL that is my story :)… Again, welcome to my journey!



My life, my struggles and my dreams

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